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    IDC®Powerharness is your dog harness for bustling days, early morning walks, and getting around safely. It is a harness you can fit in one move and count on when you need it. HOW TO MEASURE YOUR DOG FOR A HARNESS (VIDEO)

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    Width: 3.5 mmLength: between 25 cm and 80 cm  The perfect choice for trainings instead of pinch collars. Made of a rigid textile cord 3,5 mm, frequently used by dog trainers for agressive dogs or dogs in panic. Recommended to use on short leash, without any force. Please choose the right lenght

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    This leash is made of strong textile material, pleasant to the touch. The rubber threads woven into the material ensure the optimum grip to lead the dog. It is functional even in rainy or wet conditions, for walks, sport activities and training. The straps used for the Color and Gray® collection are made in Germany.

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    Practical for travelling or for trainings.Made of strong, durable material.Washable in washing machine at 40 degrees.

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    Width: 4 mm  With the contact leash you can control your dog by small and gentle wristle moves. There is always a quick reaction as an aswer for all actions of the dog. The effect lasts only for a second, so it doesn’t cause pain or long-lasting choking feeling to the dog. Recommended for agressive or panicing dogs. The choker function  is now limited by...

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    The neon colored IDC® fluorescent ball is made of silicon, and it’s a perfect motivation toy for puppies and adult dogs as well. Because of it’s special shape it imitates perfectly the moves of an escaping prey. You can hide treats inside, so it gives endless fun to your dog.

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    Width: 20 mm or 25 mm Adjustable length: 27 - 42 cm or 39 - 65 cm In appearance it harmonizes with the Color & Gray® super - grip leash, but without irritation to the fur of the dog, as the thin rubber threads ensuring the optimum grip are replaced by polyester in the collar.

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    For dogs over 25 kg A practical attachment of IDC® - Powerharnesses with side rings. It's easy to use: just connect the carabiner to the side ring and the other part of the adapter should be connected to the latch. Important: for safety use you should fix the dog with two adapters connected to the two side rings!

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    The IDC® Powair summer dog harness is one of Julius-K9®'s novelties, that serves as a super light version of the original design. It is made from a special mesh fabric that ventilates extremely well and provides a comfortable fit for your dog on the warmest days of the summer. HOW TO MEASURE YOUR DOG FOR A HARNESS (VIDEO)

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    Width: 40 mm or 50 mm Adjustable length: 38 - 53 cm or 49 - 70 cm With the closable handle on the middle you can hold your dog safely.

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Proper sizing and attaching the dog harness

Dog Harness size

Proper sizing is indispensable for choosing the right size dog harness.
Please read carefully the instructions   HERE

What is the solution if your dog can escape from the harness?

Prevent escape

For more information, please read  HERE


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