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    The new handle closing option allows free airflow under the harness. By using the neoprene covered handle fixing option, the strap lifts the harness about half a cm above the dog's spine. This way, the air can freely flow under the harness, for increased comfort.

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    Side rings are fixed in the place of the labels, allowing you to have your dog pull a sled, or secure your dog in a car. HOW TO MEASURE YOUR DOG FOR A HARNESS (VIDEO)

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    We offer IDC® Powerharnesses with safety locks, these products are designed for enhanced safety. The hook & loop mounting safety lock was developed by Julius-K9® in 2004, chiefly designed for service dogs. HOW TO MEASURE YOUR DOG FOR A HARNESS (VIDEO)

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    The JULIUS-K9® water bowl is a practical accessory coming in handy when you go out with your dog. Color*: Black or YellowCapacity*: 350ml or 1000ml

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Proper sizing and attaching the dog harness

Dog Harness size

Proper sizing is indispensable for choosing the right size dog harness.
Please read carefully the instructions   HERE

What is the solution if your dog can escape from the harness?

Prevent escape

For more information, please read  HERE


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