The dog harness

The most successful dog harness in Europe is the European-made IDC® or formerly (1997) K9-Powerharness, harmoniously uniting aesthetic experience and use value. The management of the company has learned over the years that prudent international legal protection is critical to the success of successful products. The extension of the protection of a number of patents, utility models and designs, and last but not least the brand names worldwide has provided the opportunity for market success.

In terms of use value it is important to note that, similarly to the most famous patented ideas of the world, JULIUS-K9® inventions are also based on the further development or perfection of products already present, even widely used in the prior art. In the case of the JULIUS-K9® dog harness achieving world success, the aim was also to create the "perfect" one from a practical point of view. A dog harness that is a high visibility vest, suitable for lifting the dog, attaching side bags, simple to put on even for everyday dog owners, moved the imagination of the leading armed forces and rescue dog units of the world as well at the end of the 1990s. A reliable professional production team made it possible to implement the handle and closing elements with maximum loadability, and to follow a triple quality control policy in series production.

 All this, however, was not enough for the product to make a marked impact on a wide range of customers in a market where equipment mostly from the Far East was available in eye-deceiving quality at dumping prices and in large quantities.

In the case of JULIUS-K9® dog harnesses, in addition to practicality and high quality, the key to success was the targeting of human emotions. - In an unprecedented way, the product offered an opportunity for the attachment of Velcro labels carrying information. Initially the usual service dog labels, like POLICE, ARMY, etc. were used, then labels like COOL MAN, MINE IS BIGGER, MACHO, SEXMACHINE, NOBODY LOVES ME, FITNESSTRAINER, etc. also appeared on some dogs, and the avalanche started. Every passerby took a good look at these labels and, irrespective of whether he/she was an animal lover or not, was influenced by the dog. By communicating human thoughts! It was demonstrated that a company whose activity is based on the presence of dogs in our society can do a lot for the general acceptance of dogs.

The creation of the so called "talking dog harnesses" was a crucial step on the bumpy road leading to the classification of dogs as Companion Animals. Dog owners were filled with pride that their pet was brought to the center of attention by the labels. The reputation of

JULIUS-K9® reached the far reaches of the world faster than production could keep pace with. Thus it is no wonder that this fashion craze brought to life a number of Far Eastern copies, necessitating further development in addition to the legal struggles. In 2010 this necessity to act brought to life the JULIUS-K9® product line that became famous under the brand name IDC® (Innova Dog Comfort). For the sake of marketability automation, the development of special closing elements, the use of phosphorescent elements, and the development of electronic accessories began.

The developments were implemented as a result of the inventive steps of company founder Gyula (Julius) Sebő, but by 2009 other Hungarian and foreign experts were also involved. The raw materials were purchased from Hungary and from Germany and Switzerland in 50-50 %. The growth of the Company also helped a number of outside contractors to get through the economic crisis with a positive balance sheet. Plants were built, renovated and production technologies were perfected.

As a consequence of the judgment of a court in Cologne in 2013, the distribution of a Chinese dog harness copy under the name DOXLOCK was prohibited in Germany. After that JULIUS-K9® dog harnesses took their place as market leaders in the German market, then continued unabated worldwide. During this time, at the Eastern-European production center the company went through a restructuring process, changing its organizational structure. The management levels and responsibilities became capable of doubling the production, even in a single year.

Meanwhile Gyula Sebő has taken the lead of the American subsidiary founded in 2014, and preparations are underway to serve the U.S. market at the European level. The message of the company manager is clear and can be an example to follow for all companies yearning for success:

"Only what is perfect is unbeatable, eternal and unforgettable. It will not fall by the sword of the enemy, and they will cowardly flee without having to waste our efforts on them. There is no better win!

This is our weapon!

We all desire perfect, perfection somewhere deep down. Yet only our imperfections give us the opportunity to understand the faults, weaknesses of our teammates, to prepare for them and to avoid their consequences. This is how we can create extraordinary things as a team."